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Composer for

Through Michael's training at Berklee College of Music with his Film Scoring and Composition degrees, he has the tools and knowledge to score and orchestrate for picture, using sync points and melodic/thematic content. He believes that he has a unique compositional/harmonic voice that is gaining depth every day. His training as an actor also serves him well as a composer for media as it gives him the tools to understand the drama between characters deeply.

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Composer for
Video Games

Michael has played games ever since he was 6 years old, so while he doesn't have formal training in scoring for games yet (that will change starting Spring 2023), he feels as if composing fun, invigorating, and memorable melodies for the player is still second nature to him.

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Conductor for Concerts and Theatre

Through Michael's training at Berklee College of Music with his Conducting minor, he knows what a conductor needs to bring to the table in order to have a productive session with the orchestra, and that includes pit orchestras in theatrical productions, since he has been performing in shows for the majority of his life.

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Michael has been studying as a singer since late elementary school and has been performing since even earlier than that. He feels that he has a lot to offer as a tenor/baritone in the classical, pop, theatre, genres, but is also open to learning whatever genre is necessary.


Voice Actor

Michael has been performing as an actor for the majority of his life. He is newer to the art of voice acting and understands that there are many fundamental differences between stage and voice. Despite that, he is incredibly eager to get his first reels recorded and to give his all for whatever character and story is called upon him.


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