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The following audio clips are compositions that Michael feels most accurately represents him as a composer as of now. They all come directly from his Soundcloud, which you can see for yourself by clicking the icon at the top right of the screen.

"The Illusionist" Ending Scene (Re-Scored)
(Spring 2022)


I re-scored the final scene from the French animated film "The Illusionist". This cue required a delicate touch, and it was enjoyable to discover how to do it melodically.

Wizard Battle (Fall 2022)

I composed this short piece in which I imagined two wizards fighting. The good wizard is represented by the winds, and the evil wizard has the brass.

"The Killing" Main Title (Re-Score) (Fall 2022)

I re-scored the main title from the TV show "The Killing". This one was a particular challenge because I didn't allow myself to write using any orchestral instruments at all, instead it's all electric guitar and synths. I still believe, however, that this cue represents the more intense side of me nonetheless, and had great fun with it.

Hero of Hyrule (a "Breath of the Wild" Medley) (Spring 2020)

I was deeply inspired by the themes presented in the game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", so I made an orchestral medley of my favorites from it as a passion project. My Dad, Paul Semanic, is the solo trumpet and my Mom, Kris Semanic, is the solo violinist!

Dracula's Theme (Fall 2018)

I was blessed in my senior year of high school to compose the score of our yearly Halloween radio play. That year it was "Dracula", and I had an absolute blast creating the themes, especially the main one for the titular character. This year I took the same theme and re-orchestrated it, which is what you hear here.

Short Action Cue (Spring 2022)

This title certainly doesn't lie. I re-scored an action scene from a film and challenged myself with using a couple synthesizers. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to dip my toes in the waters of this brand of film music.

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