Heidi Kettenring and Michael Semanic
Falstaff and Robin
Rudy in "Over the Tavern"
Full Cast of The King and I
Rudy in "Over the Tavern"
Michael Semanic "Robin"
Rudy in "Over the Tavern"
full cast The Merry Wives of Windsor
Heidi Kettenring and Michael Semanic
Michael Semanic and Amy Montgomery
The Artful Dodger
Michael Semanic and Cricket
Michael Semanic and Scott Jaeck
Oliver singing "Where is Love?"
Merry Wives Opening Night
Oliver watching Dodger pickpocket
Michael Semanic as Winthrop
Oliver with the Artful Dodger
The King and I Opening - mark campbell photography-062.jpg
Oliver at Mr Brownlow's home
Listening to everyone sing "Oliver!"
Michael Semanic

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Merry Wives Opening Night

On opening night of THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Michael Semanic (L) gives his on- and off-stage friend Cricket (Center) some love, alongside CST Artistic Director, Director of MERRY WIVES and real-life owner of Cricket, Barbara Gaines (R). Photo by Michael Litchfield.